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Benefits of Verifying Stable
Here are some of the benefits to verifying your stable:

1. You will receive a free horse voucher.

2. You will be given the ability to create horses with vouchers from a full pool of horses. If you create a horse with an unverified stable you will not have a chance at a "Top of the Line" horse. Although, you still can receive very good horses.

3. The 120lb timed work restriction will be removed. You will be able to put between 100-140lbs on your horse during a timed work.

4. The unraced horse restriction for free claiming races is removed.

5. The horse speed rating restriction for free races will be removed. You will be able to enter any of your horses in any free claiming races regardless of their abilities.

6. You are eligible to breed your horses.

7. You can compete in the handicapping contest.

8. You can forward vouchers to others.
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