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Definition of a skill-based game.
A skill-based game is defined as a game where skill predominates over chance in the produced results.

Why we are not a gambling site.
Gambling is generally defined by states as an activity containing the following elements: (1) award of a prize, (2) basis of chance, (3) consideration. If any of these three elements is missing then the activity is not considered gambling. Since this game is skill-based the basis of chance has been eliminated.

Determination of your location for withdrawals.
Before a withdrawal of credits can be requested for cash, identification must be submitted showing the location of your residency. In addition to this documentation we use tracking methods to determine that your connection to our site is not coming from another location. For more information go to the withdrawal credits page.

Do we report player earnings to the IRS?
We are required by law to report earnings of more than $600 in a given year to the IRS for anyone located in the US. Form W-9 must be filed by U.S. residents or a 28% tax withholding will be applied to all withdrawals in excess of credits purchased. Form W-8BEN must be filed by International residents or a 30% tax will be applied to all withdrawals in excess of credits purchased. U.S. residents submitting form W-9 and earning more than $600 in a given year will receive a 1099.
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