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How Jockeys Move and Become Inactive
Below is an outline of how jockeys move and how they become inactive.

- Once there are less than 7 days until race day a jockey will not move to a new track unless the jockey is requested in a race where all jockeys are allowed to be chosen from. If there are 7 or more days until race day the jockey could still schedule to be at a different track on his own on that date. So, if the date is 10/14/05 then a jockey could decide to be at a different track on or after 10/21/05. 10/20/05 and earlier the jockey is guaranteed to be at the track he is listed at with the exception of the all jockeys rule where he could still be requested to a different track.

- The track a jockey is going to be located at is determined by pulling recent results and upcoming entries. If a track can not be determined accurately by this then the previous years data is used.

- If we have less than 60 races worth of data for a jockey in the last year or we do not have data for the last 90 days for a jockey the jockey will enter probabtion status. When this happens all tracks 7 days or further out on the jockeys schedule will be removed. If the jockey does not satisfy the 60 races and 90 days by the time any remaining tracks on the jockeys schedule (6 days or less) drop off the jockey will go into inactive status.
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