Horse Racing Game Wednesday, 7/23/2014 7:45 ET
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7/15/2014 - MTH 2014 Meet Winners
Congratulations to the following MTH 2014 Meet Winners:
1.D J C Racing Stables
2.Riggins Racing
3.Mb Stables
5.Mm Racing

Your prizes have been posted.
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  Saturday, May 3, 2014 - The KYD $2,000
  Saturday, May 17, 2014 - The PRK $1,500
  Saturday, June 7, 2014 - The BEL $1,500
Win all races 3 and receive a $43,000 BONUS!
$24,500 PURSE
Friday, October 31, 2014 Age Distance Purse
BC Juvenile Turf - Grade I C&G2 1m(T) $1,000
BC Juvenile Fillies Turf - Grade I F2 1m(T) $1,000
BC Dirt Mile - Grade I 3+ 1m $1,000
BC Ladies Classic - Grade I F&M3+ 1 1/8m $2,000
Saturday, November 1, 2014 Age Distance Purse
BC Fillies & Mares Sprint - Grade I F&M3+ 7f $1,000
BC Turf Sprint - Grade I 3+ 6 1/2f(T) $1,000
BC Juvenile - Grade I C&G2 1 1/16m $2,000
BC Juvenile Fillies - Grade I F2 1 1/16m $2,000
BC Turf - Grade I 3+ 1 1/2m(T) $3,000
BC Fillies & Mares Turf - Grade I F&M3+ 1 1/4m(T) $2,000
BC Sprint - Grade I 3+ 6f $1,500
BC Mile - Grade I 3+ 1m(T) $2,000
BC Classic - Grade I 3+ 1 1/4m $5,000

What is

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own thoroughbred? Now is your chance to do so at a fraction of the normal costs. Feel what it is like to be the owner of a thoroughbred coming down the home stretch with a shot at landing in the winners circle. Compete against other virtual horse owners in an online community. The competition is tough. Do you have what it takes?

Virtual Horse Racing Game - Realism Turned Up is a virtual horse racing game with the realism factor turned up. You take ownership of your own stable of horses where you train and race them. You are in control of their racing careers and you decide when to retire them. Once retired their career still may not be over. You then have the decision of whether to breed them and who to breed them to. Establish your own bloodlines in the virtual horse racing world. Analyze bloodlines, conformation, past breeding matchups, track performance, and much more to determine what may and may not work in the breeding shed. We have left no stone unturned. It is all in this horse racing games play.

Free To Play For As Long As You Like!

When signing up at you will receive instructions through the internal mail system on how to redeem free horses. You can take these horses and race them at the free track. There is absolutely no cost to do so and you can continue to do so for as long as you like to learn the ins and outs of the game before taking on the challenges of the pay circuit. No strings attached. You decide if and when to move to the pay side of the game. What could be better than that?

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Top Races Closing Today
SAR8 Amster-G2 8/12(8) 200.00 
DMR8 Statebred RestrictedfFTrStk200.00 2/12(2) [0,2] 200.00 
SAR8 fShuHcp-G3 2/12(2) [0,2] 200.00 
RUI7 Statebred RestrictedfRGSrtF175.00 0/12(0) [2,4] 175.00 
WO3 fONTMat-G3 6/12(6) 150.00 
DMR8 Statebred RestrictedCDrHcp150.00 8/12(8) 150.00 
WO2 ColinS125.00 13/12(13) 125.00 
SAR0 fOClm100/N4X 5/10(5) 81.00 
SAR5 fOClm62.5/N3X 8/10(8) 79.00 
SAR6 OClm35/N2X 9/10(9) 77.00 
DMR2 MdSpWt75.00 8/10(8) 75.00 
GP1 Statebred RestrictedEightM75.00 1/12(1) [1,3] 75.00 
DMR1 Statebred RestrictedfOClm25/N2X 7/10(7) 71.00 
Today's Horse Races
SAR6 fLkGrge-G2 1 1/16m 200.00 
WO1 Statebred RestrictedDepMin125.00 7f 125.00 
DMR5 Wicker90.00 1m(T) 90.00 
DMR4 OClm62.5/N3X 1m 80.00 
SAR4 OClm35/N2X 1 1/8m 77.00 
DMR2 fMdSpWt75.00 5f(T) 75.00 
DMR1 Statebred RestrictedOClm25/N2X 6 1/2f 71.00 
SAR1 fMdSpWt70.00 6f 70.00 
SAR5 fAlw56.00s 6 1/2f 56.00 
DMR3 fClm40.00(40-35) 5f(T) 53.00 
Recent Race Winners
PRX3  Putinswhitehousepal TwinTowersRacing 50.00 
PRX2  Hathersage Rheingold Stables 33.00 
PRX1  Happy Now Robeth 28.00 
SUF5  Crimson Star Allinthegate 19.00 
 Champsville Slow Poke
FE6  Scoundrels Sword Mojica Racing 18.60 
FE4  Semper Fi Nj Vets 18.60 
FE5  Fabulous Pheno Kopites 16.32 
FE2  Birthday Call Canadian Racing 16.32 
FE1  Only Mom Could Love Whitewater Stables 16.32 
FE3  Intrusion La Canada Racehorses 13.92 
Recent Meet Winners
7/13 MTH D J C Racing Stables 10-12-10
7/12 LS Kingelleinc 18-19-13
6/30 MNR C.R. Racing 124-75-55
6/29 GG Riggins Racing 30-24-9
6/29 CD Alegria 16-5-8
6/29 CRC Captinj 15-14-8
6/28 PEN Spinetingling 49-34-37
6/22 SRP Drabfantasy 9-6-2
5/31 BOI Alydar Stables 11-5-5
5/23 EMD Nakamura Stables 10-2-4
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